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The Raffay Collection was founded in 1996 with the aim of making a difference in the field of advertising gifts.

In 2004, we expanded our range of products, thus offering a greater number of choices to our already vast portfolio, adding cups and trophies.

The company is made up of elements that have family ties, which is why it is possible to obtain a better working environment, conveying this in a more careful and personalized service to each and every client.

The team that dynamized the emergence of this company is convinced that the key to the success of organizations lies in their competitiveness. This, in the current context, is largely dependent on the ability to innovate and accompany innovation, namely in the area of ​​hot engraving and pantograph. New products, improvement of existing ones, quality assurance and, above all, a special attention to the customer, are decisive and final factors of the company’s argument and its profitability.

In this same context, Raffay’s main activity is the manufacture of genuine leather goods, trade in advertising gifts, cups, trophies, football equipment, among other products*. The products with which it works are of great prestige and quality, having a wide range of customers, from Madeira, Azores, through France and Angola. This guarantees longevity and support for the solutions adopted by our customers.

However, it is not enough to have quality products at a good price. Companies to achieve success must differentiate themselves in some way. To achieve this objective and stand out in the market, Raffay uses the high technical knowledge of its employees to support its customers in decision making, whatever the type of project/work.

We hope to meet what you need, and in this way, be able to help you. We will be happy to offer our help and experience, so that we can find a solution together that meets your highest expectations.

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